March 10, 2016

About us

We are a small tourism company founded to offer interested travellers the opportunity to discover the Peruvian way of life and culture in an incomparable way. We want to share our passion and offer you a unique stay, with exciting activities and impressive experiences, with an authentic closeness to the people and culture of Peru. Our program consists of various tours, which we have put together for you and which you can expand with additional programs to your liking. For individual travellers, however, we are also happy to design a tailor-made journey according to their wishes and needs. We work hand in hand with an NGO (Inti Raymi) and a Fair Trade Company (Raymisa S.A.) to get a little closer to our efforts that we have been pursuing since 1985.

  • Fair partnership between all parties involved, fair prices, fair working conditions.
  • The involvement of private, local businesses is a prerequisite for tourism to contribute effectively to poverty reduction.
  • Respect for local customs, customs and religion
  • Protecting the environment