March 11, 2016

Northern Peru

Northern Peru a magic word, an insider tip among the peru connoisseurs. Partly only recently newly discovered cultures, which surprise visitors in stunned amazement, are to discover and get to know the impresant and enchanting also the constantly varying landscape. A real insider tip for lovers of ancient cultures and connoisseurs of unique panoramas.

1. Day: Address Lima and Lurín evening arrival in Lima and transfer to the guesthouse Inti Raymis. Short briefing and then a deserved, quiet night with the sound of the sea in the background.

2. Day: Lima Lima city of contrasts: Colonial downtown, poor neighborhood, luxury villas. Treat yourself to a little stroll in the centre before heading on to the Gold Museum or Archaeological Museum. Afternoon: Visit to Inti Raymis and Dinner workshops

Centro Lima

Plaza de Armas Lima

3. Day: Caral Today we head north. Our first stop will be the ruins of Caral. This 3000-year-old cultural monument was only recently discovered and therefore will not yet be found in every travel guide. 32 pyramids with foundations of 150m can be admired. In one of these pyramids was found the tomb of a fully preserved child the 2,300 years BC. Chr. was buried there. It is the oldest city in ancient America.

4. Day: Huaraz drive through a unique landscape to Huaraz From here you can admire nine snow-capped 6000s of the Cordillera Blanca and the Cordillera Negra. There is also a warm Monterrey thermal spa or a city stroll.

5. Tag: Chavin de Huantar A stone fortress, astrological and religious center, the Chavin culture 1400-400 v. Chr. with the typical stone heads on the walls. Brand new: Fund of a culture that existed 10,000 years ago.

6. Day: Drive to the lakes Llanganuco There you will find a approx. undertake a 4-hour hike along the lakes. On the way back we cross a forest where you come across countless native trees, the quenuu trees. In the evening, head back to Huaraz.

7. Day: Trujillo drive to Trujillo through a spectacular Andean landscape. In the evening, city stroll in the colonial centre of the city.

8. Tag: Trujillo-Moon and Sun Pyramid and Chan Chan Visit the ancient religious centers of Trujillo’s Mochekkultur: The Pyramid of the Moon and Pyramid of the Sun, which is said to have been the largest ancient building in the world. Then continue on to Chan Chan, the largest city built of air-dried mud bricks, as well as the religious and administrative center of Chimúkultur. It was adopted during the 12th century. And 14. It was built in the 19th century, on an area of 20sqm, and housed to 100,000 inhabitants.

Chan Chan

Chan Chan

Chan Chan

Chan Chan



9th. Tag: Chiclayo Visit to Ancient Attractions in and around Chiclayo: This morning we head to Chiclayo and visit the tomb of the Lord of Sipán, where one of the greatest gold treasures (1987) was found. In Chiclayo we visit the modern and extraordinary museum: Tumbas Reales, built specifically to exhibit the finds of the Lord of Sipán. For lovers of ancient cultures, instead of the tomb of Sipan, you can also visit the Brüning Museum in Lambayeque, whose focus is on the culture of the ruler Naymlap.

10. Tag: Chachapoyas We head to Chachapoyas, to the land of the cloud warriors A varied ride through mountains and hot jungle valleys awaits us. In the evening, leisurely resting in the charming town of Chachapoyas.

11. Tag: Chachapoya’s Explore of Chachapoya’s surroundings. The Chachapoya resisted the Incas like no other culture before them. Visit Chachapoya and continue to the Makro burial site. Overnight stay at the pleasant country hotel El Chillo near Tingo, from where we start our ascent the next day to the Kuelap fortress. Kuelap can also be reached by bus.

OR Additional Program Leimebamba

11. Day: Kuelap Visit the Kuelap Fortress (the same process with the only change that you will stay again at Hotel El Chillo after returning from Kuelap Fortress.)

12th. Day: Leimebamba A wildly romantic drive to Leimebamba begins early in the morning. There we visit the Museum of Mummies, which was found around Lake Lagunas de los Condores. We pass passes like Abra Negra 36 Cost 80 m to then get to the 700 m deep Marañon River. In Celendin this time we stay in a simple guesthouse. There is also the possibility to extend the trip with a 3-day additional program:

13. Day: Cajamarca again we go up to the pass Pulucana 4500 m, then finally arrive in Cajamarca 2720 m.

14th. Tag: Cajamarca Visit the colonial town of Cajamarca, where Pizarro had the Inca ruler Atahualpa executed, although he complied with Pizarro’s demand to fill a room with gold. With the death of this ruler, Pizarro managed to divide and destroy the Inca Empire. The Yanacocha gold mine near Cajamarca is one of the largest gold mines in the world and will be able to deliver gold for at least another 50 years.

15th. Day: Flight to Lima

16. Tag: Lima possibility for a stroll in the modern district of Lima in Miraflores. Flight to Europe or Additional Program:

17. Tag: La Laguna de los Condores excursion to the gorgeous lake La Laguna de los Condores (2150 m) This lake was a large cemetery. In this unique landscape, the Chachapoyas sought a place for their beloved deceased to linger eternally in this paradisiacal landscape. Nearly 300 well-preserved mummies were found there, they are now on display at the Museum of Leymebamba. Ascent to the lake with horses, you should have experience with horses and walk, because you cross a 3 200m high mountain to get to the lake 2 100 m. Overnight stay in a very simple hut or in tents.

18th. Tag: La Laguna de los Condores excursion around the lake and the main site of the world-famous mummies

19. Day: Leymebamba Descent and Overnight in Leymebamba

Continue in Standard Program

12. Tag: Kuelap a highlight The Chachapoya built the imposing Kuelap fortress, where it is thought that when all the historical treasures are unearthed, it will surpass the power of Machu Picchu. We visit Kuelap and you can find yourself between a roughly approx. 4-hour climb (or descent) to this fortress decide. Overnight in Chachapoyas

13. Tag: Karajia excursions to the surrounding area: Or B Karajia with the famous sarcophagi, a contemporary document of how the ancient Chachapoya honored their dead In the area around Chachpoyas, 400 historical sites have been found so far.

14th. Tag: Moyobamba Continue to Moyobamba, City of Orchids. Here you will stay overnight and possibly in the evening visit the thermal baths there or bathe in the pool of Hotel

15. Day: Rio Avisado Nature Reserve A day in the jungle Today we start early in the morning in the Rio Avisado Nature Reserve. By boat we reach the port town of Tingana. After breakfast we canoe in the middle of the green splendour to admire the wandering trees, the Renacus and surprise the monkeys with luck at breakfast.

16. Day: Tarapoto Continue to Tarapoto Rest in a first-class hotel with a beautiful ambience where you can relax by the hotel pool.

17th. Day: Lima evening flight to Lima OR Additional program Blue Lagoon

17. Day: Blue Lagoon Visit Lake Blue Lagoon. We cross the river Huallaga by ferry and then drive across the lake to a liquor distillery to taste the fine sugar cane brandy. By boat we continue to the hostel 2 de Mayo, where we can jump briefly into the water. Then back to the inn for lunch, before later relaxing in a warm, salty and sulphurous thermal bath.

18th. Day: Lima return flight to Lima and overnight stay.

19th. Day: Lima Morning city stroll and evening flight


  • All domestic flights
  • All foreign flights with minibus overnight in middle-class hotels with breakfast
  • German-speaking tour guide
  • 4 Box-lunchs In the program mentioned meals transfers
  • visits With entrance fees

Not included: International airport fee in Lima: Exit: 30, 28 $

National airport fees: About $5 million

gratuities and personal expenses