March 11, 2016

Southern Peru

1. Day: Arrival in Lima

Transfer to artisan cooperative Inti Raymi, the approx. Located 30 km south of Lima right on the Pacific Ocean and which welcomes you. Here you can relax and gain a first glimpse into the diversity of Peruvian folk art.


2. Tag: UNESCO World Heritage Lima

Get to know Lima, the city of contrasts, with an experienced German-speaking tour guide. You will visit the colonial city centre, the Gold Museum or the Archaeological Museum, as well as poor and rich neighbourhoo
ds. In the evening, you can eat a meal with fresh fish from the Pacific.

History meets modernity

Sunset at the Malecon

7. Day: Drive to the “Sacred Valley of the Incas”

On this day, a visit to the picturesque village of Pisaq and then to visit the Ollantaytambo incerration. In the afternoon, take the Andean Railway through the picturesque Urubamba Valley to the town of Aguas Calientes, where you can relax in the thermal baths in the evening and where you will stay overnight.


8. Day: Mystical Machu Picchu

Today, you make your way towards Machu Picchu in the early hours of the morning. So that, accompanied by the silence of the morning and before the arrival of the streams of visitors, you can enjoy the magic of the Inca religious center. T
he return trip to Cuzco will then take place.

Machu Picchu

View of Wayna Picchu

4-day additional program hiking and camping on the Incatrail


1. Day:

Drive to Chilca, where the Incatrail begins. After crossing the Urubama River on a suspension bridge, you will hike steeply uphill and experience a wonderful panorama along the way and see how the vegetation is thawing. You will stay overnight in tents and the evening you can end comfortably by the campfire.

2. Day:

Today you reach the Machu Picchu National Park and cross the 4,200 m high pass Warmiwanusqe
.The overnight stay is in tents.

3. Day:

Today’s trail passes through various incaruins and once again cross a passap at 3,900m, the Runcuraq ‘ay, which bears the same name as a nearby inca sting. Then it goes steadily downhill, up to the Winahuayna ruin, near which the tents are also pitched that night.

4. Day:

On this day it is said to get up early to reach the Machu Picchus entrance gate in time for sunrise and the influx of visitors. In the early hours of the morning, you can watch in peace as the fog dissolves and opens up the magnificent view of the “lost city of the Inca.” If you still have strength, you can then climb Mount Huayna Picchu, but this requires a certain amount of fitness and dizziness. In the ev
ening you will travel back to Cuzco.


6-day additional program Tinki and trekking tour Ausangate:

In the high mountains around the Andean village of Tinki (this offer can be used from Cuzco).

1. Day:

From Cuzco, we head up to the Andean village of Tinki in the morning. You can stay here in the guesthouse of our organization Inti Raymi or in tents on the premises. Inti Raymi carries out various projects in Tinki, which we would be happy to present to you.

2. Day:

Exit to the sacred mountain Apu Ausangate at an altitude of 6,385 m. They hike and ride to the three lakes of the mountain and then stay overnight in tents.

Hl Berg Ausangate

The hl Berg Ausangate

Trekking Ausangate

3. Day: More hikes in the area, overnight in tents.

4. Tag: Return to the guesthouse of Inti Raymi.

5. Day: Excursion with horses to the blue lagoon and on to the hot springs

6. Day: Return to Cuzco with overnight stay.


Progress of the journey without additional programs:

9. Day:

From the Andes to Lake Titicaca

In the morning, the bus takes to Puno, along the snow-capped mountain peaks of the Cordillera Blanca. You will stop at the main vantage points of this area and visit witnesses of past cultures. Th
e overnight stay is in Puno.

Inca Raqchi


10-11. Tag: Island stay on Lake Titicaca

By boat, take the famous floating islands of the Uro Indians to the island of Taquile. You will be surprised by the image that presents itself to you: Stricking men line the shore here and make the finest knitting works in
Peru. Dinner together and accommodation with the islanders in their simple but clean houses. The next day you will explore the island on foot and then return to Puno in the afternoon to stay overnight.

Sary Island of the Uro-Indians

Sary Island of the Uro-Indians

Knitting man on Taquile Island

12-13. Tag: Puno to Arequipa

The drive towards Arequipa leads past the mysterious funeral towers of Sillustani, which you will visit. Then head across the Patapampa Pass, 4,800 metres high, through a spectacular Andean landscape to your overnight destination in Chivay in the Colcatal. Here you can relax in the nearby hot springs. The next day you
drive to the viewpoint Cruz del Condor, where the 3,800 m deep Colca valley shows itself in all its splendor and with a little luck you can watch the majestic condors. In the eveni
ng you will arrive in Arequipa and stay overnight.

Colca Valley

Cruz del Condor

14th. Tag: Arequipa “The White City”

Visit the colonial town of Arequipa, which is surrounded by an imposing mountain panorama.

Misti Volcano

Arequipa-the white city

15th. Day:

Flight to Lima or


3-day additional programme coastal tour

1-2. Tag: Nasca – puzzling floor drawings

Now immerse yourself in the imposing desert of the Pacific coast and get to Nasca. The late German researcher Maria Reiche has devoted her entire life to exploring the Nasca lines. Still, despite their scientific explanations, these lines surround a mysterious flair.

The day after arrival, you can fly over the Nasca lines in the morning and visit the Maria Reiche Museum as well as the Chauchilla Desert Cemetery. Then continue on to the seaside town of Paracas, where you will stay overnight.

Museum Maria Rich

Museum Maria Reiche

Road to Ayacucho

300″] Road to Ayacucho

Wunchures Andean Landscape

2. Day:

Visit Ayacucho with its 33 churches and numerous artisan sites. You will get an insight into the artistic and cultural world of the country.

Main plaz Ayacucho

Ice cream saleswoman in traditional costume

3. Day:

Drive to the pottery village of La Quinua and visit the cult site of Warik culture


4. Day:

Evening return flight to Lima and onward flight to Europe